Wishing on the Water by Elizabeth York


“Jax, sing me a song.” Jax had a beautiful singing voice. When he went to the bar and sang karaoke, the women would swoon at his tenor notes. As Jax began singing, my heart melted. This man had a gift that left me in awe. He pulled the comforter up over my shoulder as I stared into his eyes. The lightning in the background was a perfect addition to the moment, as if the world was in sync with us. Jax had picked the perfect song, my favorite: “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold. I listened as he sang the first verse perfectly. I had heard the song a million times, but with everything that had happened recently, it took on a new meaning and pulled right at my heart strings. The thunder rolled in tune with Jax, and the lightning cracked. The rain pounded heavily on the roof. The wind carried rain through the window and let it pool on the floor. I was involved in an orchestra of events that made me see things differently at that moment. Jax continued singing and I cuddled against his body. We were chest to chest as my face rested near his neck. I tugged on his thigh and placed it over my leg, which I slid in between his thighs. I rubbed my hands up and down his chiseled back as he serenaded my soul. As he sang and the weather joined in the chorus, I made a wish on the raindrops that splattered far enough across the room to land on my cheek. I wished that this moment of friendship was enough to help us both heal. I wished that I would let go of the bitterness I felt toward Chase. I hoped my wish carried my hope that Jax would not feel guilt from losing his partner and best friend. I wished this moment would stay perfect in my memory. As Jax came to the last chorus, I looked into his gray eyes which seemed to carry soft strands of light blue in his irises. His tanned skin glistened as the rain pattered near the bed. Neither of us moved to close the window because then, this moment would be broken.

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