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Why we don’t die in Dreams by Debbie Zello

“Home, sweet, home,” I say, entering my apartment. I walk to the bedroom to shed my suit. I throw on black silk lounge pants, no shirt. I’m starving, so I get to the kitchen to make my dinner. It’s almost ready when my phone rings. I look to see who it is and smile answering it, “Hey, beautiful.”

“How are you, Stud? Are you home?” Jules asks.

“I’m here. You stopping by?”

“I thought I might. You okay with that?”

“More than okay…I insist. Are you hungry?” I ask.

“For food or for you?” she asks, teasing me.

“Both, actually,” I growl.

“I would like both if you’re offering.”

“I am, so hurry. Bye.”

“Bye.” I quickly look around my apartment making sure it looks good, for my Jules. Then I go back to the kitchen and get another piece of chicken out of the fridge for her.

Jules is my one long-term relationship. We have had an, on-again-off-again friend-with-sexual-benefits understanding, for about six years. Jules is in town once or twice a month, and when she is, she usually spends the night with me. We have an understanding, similar needs and a long-standing deal. We both want multiple orgasms. We both know it’s just great sex. If one of us is in a relationship, it’s no hard feelings, call me if you need me. She is uncomplicated and very easy to love. The fact that she’s gorgeous, with a rocking body, doesn’t hurt.

I called her five days after Cindy left me. Jules helped me out. I was beaten, insecure and just a plain mess. Jules is like a balm. With her arms and legs wrapped around me, who needs a fucking therapist? When Jules has an orgasm…you feel it and it is fucking amazing!

My doorbell rings a few minutes later. I answer it with a huge grin knowing that I am wearing exactly what she wants to see. I swing the door open wide. Jules throws her bag in past my feet, and hops into my arms, running a hand down my chest, and pants breathlessly, “Do we have to eat first?”

“No.” I slam the door shut and head for the bedroom. I race to the bed carrying Jules like a bride over the threshold. I place her on the bed carefully, not wanting to treat her roughly. Jules is a gift to me, and I treat her as such.

Kissing her, I begin to unbutton her blouse, pulling it free from her skirt. She sits up so I can remove her blouse and unclasp her bra to liberate her beautiful breasts. She moves her hands around to unzip her skirt. This movement makes her breasts jut out further. Everything inside me begins to buzz as my thumbs instinctively rub her nipples. “Like that?” She breathes with the sexy kitten voice she uses in bed with me.

“You know I do. But the question is…do you like this?” I’m moving my lips and tongue to mimic the movement of my thumbs. I smile as I hear her moan.

She grabs the waistband of my pants and slides them down. I pop out right at eye level. She looks up through her eyelashes at me and smiles. “I know I tell you every time, baby, but some things are worth repeating. Just looking at you makes me hungry and wet. Your body turns me on like no other ever has and I doubt ever will.”

She wraps her small hand around my shaft and takes me into her pretty mouth. Jules lavishes her tongue and lips on me as I grew harder and harder. I feel the tip hit the back of her throat as I stare down at her through half-closed eyes. She has such a giving look on her face. So much so, I almost lose my control. “Stop, baby. I don’t want to come just yet.”

“Why not?” She pulls away to speak.

“I want to taste you first.” I lift her chin with my fingers. I kiss her, sweeping my tongue around hers, showing her what I intend to do with it, in her folds. She moans again, and I feel the vibrations run through me. I can taste my own juices on her skilled tongue.

My Jules lies back on the bed, lifting her hips to shimmy out of her skirt and panties. She gives my cock a few more jerks and a quick kiss, keeping me hard. I open her legs, and place them over my shoulders, giving me a deep lingering breath of her aroma. A spicy floral mixed with her own sexy scent, fills my nose and lungs. Nowhere in the world, does such an arousing mixture exist, except between this woman’s thighs.

I part her and run my nose along her length so I can appreciate what I am about to taste. I spread her wide so I can reach her inner core. My left hand reaches for her breast to knead and fondle. Then I lick her, from bottom to top, as she writhes under my tongue.

I make love to her with my fingers, lips and mouth. Giving to her all that she gave to me, so many times before. I watch her as I take her tender flesh into my mouth. I am so hard; I think I might cum from the friction of the bed against me. I try to concentrate on her pleasure, to halt my own. When I feel her clit begin to spasm, I grind my fingers upward inside her hoping to add a more intense orgasm. My Jules bucks upward so quickly, I nearly bit her. “Gavin!” she is screaming, holding my head to her tightly.

She releases me and sits up breathless, staring at me. “Was it good?” I ask smiling. I know it was, because no woman cums like my Jules. It’s like watching an atom split. But I want her to say it.

“So good. I felt it from my toes to my jaw. Let’s do that again!” she says, with a chuckle.

Later, when I come inside her, I again feel that same atom split for me. She grabs my ass and squeezes as she shudders beneath me. Her eyebrows knit together as if in pain before softening into the happy smile I am so used to seeing. She kisses me deeply, and we taste each other in our mingling of tongues. I push in as hard and deep as I can and empty myself in her, feeling that same shudder pass through me. I collapse on her and then quickly turned over with her, so she can rest on me.

Happy and satiated, with Jules’ head on my chest, her fingers still playing with my nipple, I ask, “Having fun?”

“Yes I am, if you must know. Cindy was crazy to leave you. You keep getting better with age.”

“The age thing hurt. I’ll be thirty in a few months, you know.” I continue stroking her back with my fingers. “She was here a few days ago.”

“Really,” she replies, picking her head up to look at me. “What did she want?”

“She said to talk. I made her dinner; we talked about family, friends and work. I got up to clear the table and do the dishes and she stripped and lay on the couch.”

“And, then?” Jules said with an eyebrow lifted.

“I came back in the room. I was locked and loaded but I didn’t shoot. I asked her to get dressed and go. I went in the bathroom, calmed down, and when I came out, she was dressed.” I scrub my face with my free hand. The memory of the whole thing still bothers me.

“She left? Are you sure that is what you wanted her to do?”

“I can’t trust her with my heart. I can’t do what you and I do, with her. If I let her in, I’m still what I am and she still doesn’t want it, so what’s the point in trying?”

“Purely from my point of view.” She’s cupping my balls with her hand, she continues, “I’m thrilled she can’t hack it. Her loss is my delightful gain.”

After another go-round, I get up to try to resurrect our dried-out chicken and rice dinner. I add some chicken stock to the rice and reheat it. I microwave the asparagus and broccoli and place the chicken on the grill to warm it. Jules comes up behind me and hugs me. She says, “Do I have time for a shower?”

“No. I reheated it. If you don’t eat it now I might as well throw it out. Besides, I like you smelling like sex and me. It’s a great combo.”

“You’re incorrigible, and I love it. My one constant, Gavin. My lover and friend.”

“Why hasn’t some great guy taken you off the market, Jules? Don’t you even try?”

“You trying to get rid of me?” she asks. I walk to her and with my thumb, I peak her nipple.

“Not a chance. I just want what is best for you. I want you taken care of. You are too much of a woman to not be fucked regularly.”

“Well Karnack, how do you know that I’m not?”

“Darling, you don’t feel what I do. You’re tight and greedy. I’m not complaining, but if you’re on a regular diet, he must be a pin-head.”

“You are a bad man, Gavin. I like the tight, but the greedy bothers me. But you are right, there isn’t anyone else fucking me. You and I are so similar. I date someone and give him my schedule. I’m home for a few days and then gone for a few weeks. Bye…they are out the door fast.”

“In their defense, if you were mine I would want you every night in my bed and under me. The thought of you gone for weeks would kill me. So how about a new job?” I wonder. Jules walks away from me. I bring her plate and mine to the table. I place hers in front of her and ask, “Well?”

“It looks great, Gavin. Great in bed and a good cook. Why are you still on the market?”

“Good deflection, you forget what I do for a living. I asked you a question first.”

“I like my job. I travel the country and even the world. There is a man with the company that has the same schedule I have. He is happily married and has two kids. He is home for a few days, and then gone. Everyone says what a good provider he is, as well as a great husband and father. The difference is he has a penis, and I have a vagina. My vagina should be home, and his penis can come and go, pardon the pun, as it pleases.”

“You’re right, and I should keep my opinions to myself,” I murmur as I take a forkful of rice. We finish eating and she helps me clean up.

She turns to me, “That was so good, Gavin. I think I’ll take that shower now.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Am I getting clean or dirty?”

“Dirty first, and then clean!” I tease. She jumps and claps her hands. She grabs my hand and pulls me quickly down the hall.

I kiss Jules good-bye at the door. I remind her, “Don’t forget to come back. And remember; if you need me call me, anytime.”

“And if you’re in California you better call me. I love you, Stud.”

“I love you too, Baby.” I stand watching her walk to the elevator. I wave as she gets in.

I look at the clock in the kitchen. I have to get going; I have to meet Lou at the T in an hour. As I walk back to my bedroom, I can smell Jules everywhere. I decide to strip my bed and throw the sheets in the wash. If I get in a bed that smells like her, I’ll have a hard-on all night.

With all of my sexual tensions released, I greet Lou with a smile and a cup of coffee. I grin, “Good morning Lou. Did you have a nice evening?”

“I did, and you got laid last night.”

“And what makes you say that?” I stare at her with cordiality.

“Deductive reasoning. First, you’re in an exceptionally good mood. Second, you are wearing cologne. That tells me you are trying to hide the smell of hard sex even though you have had a shower.”

“You can smell hard sex even after a shower?” I’m seeing her in a completely new light.

“I can.”

“Interesting. If we need a blood hound, I guess you’re our girl.”

“You’re not going to tell me?” she says slightly louder.

“My sex life, or lack thereof, is not on our talk time unless it is sex with you. Since we have already established that as ‘not happening’ several times, I might add, I guess we have nothing to discuss. Right?”

“And then it’s over.”

“What’s over?”

“You’re I got laid good mood,” she jokes with an irritating grin. She makes me laugh.

“Yeah, it’s back!” she says.

“Stop breaking my balls, Lou. I’ve got a bad guy to catch.”

We ride the green line to BU, once again with Lou making friends. I leave Lou with a registrar going over the faces of the six men that Eden’s family didn’t know. We need names to go with the faces and this is a good place to start.

I get Brad’s class list and go to find him. Brad is in Medieval History, fascinating. I knock and walk in. It’s a lecture hall and Brad is in the seventh row on the end. I walk to the professor and as quietly as I can, say, “I need Bradley Morris.” I show him my badge.

“Of course. Mr. Morris, someone to see you,” he announces. Brad gets up and heads towards me. I nod in the direction of the door and he follows me out. Once outside I introduce myself, “My name is McLean. Detective Gavin McLean, homicide.”

“Am I in some kind of trouble?” He is obviously nervous.

“Have you done something wrong?” I size him up. He’s just a scared college kid. I already know from one minute with him, he’s not our guy. Still, I go through the motions.

“Lots, but I’m not going to say without a lawyer.”

“Wow, you’re about forty-five steps ahead of me, Brad. What do you say to us finding an empty class and just having a talk about dancing at Royale?”


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