Unchained Melody by R.E. Hargrave

The moment she walked into the establishment with a group of women—they always traveled in packs—I knew I’d found my target. That they were still clad in their uniforms told me they’d come to the bar straight from work.
Letting my eyes zero in on her curves pulled a low whistle from me while I took in the fitted tailoring of her crisp shirt and pants. Damn, BDU’s had never looked so good. I widened my gaze, backing it off to take in the full picture.
Her dark hair was pulled back in some sort of fancy twist. A few stray wisps caressed from her high cheekbones down the length of her long neck. I tried to picture how she would look with that long hair free and cascading down. How it would feel to fist it as I guided her mouth over my hardness.
The imagined visual was making me stiff, so I took another swig of my Jeremiah Weed, gave a silent nod to the Air Force pilots who had gone before me, and then returned to my perusal. I lingered on her supple chest, appreciating the ample swell before my eyes continued their tour of her body, lest I zone out on another fantasy again. Her stomach was flat and she had a narrow waist which flared out into strong hips. Hips I could imagine holding onto with a tight grip while I took her from behind, watching my dick disappear over and over again in her tight heat.
Jesus, Chandler, get a grip! I hadn’t spoken to her, didn’t even know her name yet, but the visceral reactions to her were fuddling my thought processes. There was no question she was it: the one I would be seducing.
How wrong it would turn out I was. Who could’ve guessed that I would be the one who to be seduced and left haunted by her? Not me, thus I approached her like a trusting lamb being led to the slaughter.
“May I have the pleasure of this dance, darlin’?” I crooned near her ear. My Texas accent thickened while my body pressed against her, the loud music a perfect cover for being so forward.
She lifted her toffee eyes up to mine and gave a curt nod. “I’d be delighted, kind sir.” A brief giggle revealed her flirty nature. “But only if you give me your name so that my friends here know who I wandered off with.”
The lady had spunk; I liked that. Her direct request also told me she wasn’t stupid. “Lieutenant Marshall Chandler, at your service, Ma’am,” I drawled while bending over to exaggerate my introduction. “And you are?”
“Lieutenant Melody Carmichael. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Melody winked then extended her hand toward me, the gleaming butter bar on her shoulder indicating she was a second lieutenant, same as me.