The Shortstop by A.M. Madden

I can feel his pent-up energy in every muscle of his body. Suddenly, I feel compelled to release it. When I pull away, he’s about to reprimand me until I push him to sit farther back into the sofa. “You assume you know what I’m thinking?” Quirking one brow deviously, I watch his face morph from annoyance to surprise. “You happen to be wrong, Mr. Lawson. At this moment, all I’m thinking is how badly I want to taste you.”

When I kneel between his spread legs, a sexy smirk lifts the corner of his lips. Keeping my eyes on his, I slowly remove all his clothes, starting with his shoes and his shirt and tie. He begins to remove his hat until I shake my head.

“Nuh-uh. The hat stays on.”

“You like the hat, huh?”

With both hands wrapped around him, I slowly nod and admit, “I love the hat. I get to give a Yankee a hummer. How hot is that?”

“You’ve never used the word hum…Oh, fuck…” He throws his head back from my brazen assault. “Holy shit. Annie,” he gasps as I set out to take him for all he’s worth. He knots one hand in my hair and grips the edge of the sofa cushion with the other. I’m relentless, not stopping for air until he releases with a primal grunt.

A few seconds pass, yet he remains slumped into the back of the sofa, unmoving. Except for his breathing, he’s completely immobile. Slowly, he peeks open one eye to see me smiling smugly. “Proud of yourself?”

“Yep, very.”

“Gloating doesn’t suit you,” he says just as his eyes drift closed again. I quickly remove my shorts and panties and straddle him. His eyes fly open in surprise. “What has gotten into you? Is it my new job title?”

I already feel him hardening between my legs. A few rubs and I know he’ll be more than ready and able to perform. As I slide over his length, I respond arrogantly, “Hell yes. Now I get to fuck a Yankee. A hot Yankee.”

“I’m not sure I can rise to the occasion again. You’ve drained me.”

Choosing not to respond, I instead resort to my best line of offense. He can’t resist when I shamelessly rub myself on him while sucking on his neck. Instantly, he comes to life, thrusting into me with purpose. He grips my ass with both hands, manipulating my hips to our advantage. It’s not long before he brings me toward a delicious orgasm and follows with a second of his own.

I collapse against him, exhausted from all my hard work. He removes his hat and places it on my head. “Was that my signing bonus?”

Without moving, I mumble into his neck, “First of many to come.”

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