Sci-fi / Fantasy

The Redic Proposition by Bob Landrey

AARRRRHHH!!!! Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud piercing shriek, and a girl, probably in her late teens, jumped from the bushes about 30 yards in front of them. She was beautiful, her skin a dark olive, almost shining in the Sun’s reflection. Black shiny hair hung down her slim back to her waist. She was totally naked, her breasts hidden by her raven-black hair. More hair grew from just below her waist, long hair flowing like a skirt halfway down her thighs. She stood there, hands on her hips, as if daring them to pass.
‘I had better handle this,’ said JB, running his fingers through his hair, and throwing his biggest smile as he started to make his way towards the girl.
‘Go careful,’ warned Regal.
JB swaggered towards the girl, exposing his pure white teeth as he smiled, ‘Hello, darling. How are you doing?’
‘Go careful,’ Regal warned again. Abbey stared after JB, watching him approach this extraordinarily beautiful girl. Did she feel butterflies in her chest? Did she feel a pang of jealousy? She tried to brush the feelings away but couldn’t.
Regal sensed her discomfort and asked quietly, ‘You have feelings for him, don’t you?’
‘No!’ she replied a little too quickly.
AAARRRHHH!! Another loud shriek. The girl dropped to one knee, then shrieked again. Baring her teeth like a snarling dog, she leapt fast and high, shrieking as she flew through the air at JB, landing high up on his chest. He stumbled backwards under the force, dropping his sticks. As she landed, her lip curled further back, exposing inch-long fangs which she sank into JB’s shoulder. Her fingers opened, exposing long talons. She swung her arms from behind her head and sank one set of talons into JB’s rucksack, the other set leaving deep scratches across his chest as JB dodged away. On the second swing, the talons sunk into JB’s shoulder.