The Precious Ruby by C Renee


I reach my father’s office and knock twice.

“Come in Alex,” he calls from behind the door.

I push the heavy, brown door open and walk into his clean, black and white styled office. My father doesn’t really like much color; he says it’s too distracting to the mind. He needs to be focused when making business deals instead of admiring the color red or blue.

“Ah… son, what can I do for you?” He gets up from behind the desk and walks over to where I’m standing. He offers me his hand and I shake it with a firm grip.

“I needed to ask a huge favor. I know I have used them all up over the years but this is a matter of life or death. I need to know if you have any connections with PI’s or ex military men.” I address him with full seriousness. This is Louise’s life I have in my hands and I need to know if she is alive.

“Yes, I do have a few men I trust on my team for when I want things done or people silenced. What do you need them for?” He goes around his desk, sits on the big black office chair and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Well, Louise Carter, the woman you told me to stay away from. She is missing and her best friend is worried that she has gone back to her ex boyfriend.” I take a seat opposite from him and mimic his actions, with the arms crossed.

“Oh, so you want to use men with utmost experience to know where this woman is. Don’t you think you could just hack her phone and get her location? What if she doesn’t want to come back?” he asks, raising his eyebrows and cocks his head to the side to study me.

“No, that is not what I want them for, I don’t see why I should explain why but since I am using your resources,” I go ahead and tell him about Louise’s ex boyfriend being the in a biker gang, how he was abusive towards her and how she is in danger, but I don’t have the man power to take on her ex and whoever else might be there.

“Okay… I see how you need my help. Let me call around and see if I can gather a team for you. I’m sorry this has happened to you son. I didn’t like Jackie but if this is the girl you want, then go get her.” He gives me another look before he picks up his phone and starts dialing someone.

With that, I walk towards the door and send up a silent prayer. I need to visit a church or cut out this praying shit. I know she will be safe. My precious is a fighter and her strength is pure. I know just the thing to get her when I see her again.


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