Sci-fi / Fantasy

The Dragon’s Girl by Felicity Kohler

Theodora Thare thought she was just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world, trying to make do with the bad hand she was given. Convinced to face the Entrance Trials of an elite school, the Dragobay Academy, Theo is thrown into a destiny of which she wants no part of. But in a world full of magic and dragons and bizarre creatures, life will inevitably take a strange turn.

The girl stood on the edge of the rocky precipice looking down into a vast blue body of water, rippling slightly with the wind. Behind her, a forest that swayed with the breeze. The sun was bright, glinting in her eyes, but she felt no breeze, nor heat from the sun. A large, winged shadow crossed over the lake.
A dream, she decided.
She looked down once more into the waters, knowing what she must do. She felt no fear as she lifted a foot to step from the ledge.

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