The Baxters – She Found Us by L. Ann Marie

I am so happy as they ask me questions about what kind of wedding I would like. I have no preferences except no JP’s office and I would like to learn to dance before my wedding.
They laugh and ask if they can surprise me. Once I agree, they tell me Bev will help me pick a dress and help them with everything else.
I laugh, “Forgone conclusion huh?”
Jamie laughs and says no. They were so nervous they talked to Bev about how to convince me and she just started planning the “perfect wedding.”
Kevin kisses me. “Thank you for making us the luckiest bastards in the world.”
I laugh so hard it hurts. They declare it bedtime. They help me bathe, dress, reapply cream and bandages. Jamie sits me on the bed and brushes my hair while Kevin applies lotion to my feet and legs.
The phone rings, Jamie answers. I don’t think I have ever heard the phone ring after nine before. He brings the phone to me with a sad look. “It’s Jeff’s doctor.”
I stand, take a breath and answer. “This is Mitch.”
“Mitch this is Dr. LeMaire at St Anne’s. I am sorry to have to do this over the phone but Jeff was pronounced dead at eight-twenty tonight. I want you to know that we did everything we could for him.”
I suck in a breath. “Thank you for all that you did.” My voice cracks, my knees buckle. Kevin holds me. Jamie puts his hand on my shoulder. “Thank you for calling me.” Tears are streaming down my face. Jamie takes the phone and talks to the doctor.
I turn into Kevin and cry. He holds me to his chest. “I’m sorry baby.” He sits and pulls me to his lap. Jamie sits beside us. I say a silent prayer for Jeff and his family. I take a few minutes to get this all straight in my head.
“It’s really over, he can’t hurt me anymore.”
Jamie holds my hand in his. “It’s over Angel. Is there anything we can do for you?” He is speaking so softly.
“I cry because it was such a waste of a life and I am so relieved he can’t hurt me anymore. I wonder if that’s terrible? I feel relief because he died.” Kevin holds me tighter but doesn’t say anything.
“Angel after what he did to you, I don’t think there’s any other reaction you could have.”
I look at him. “Thank you. There is something you can do for me. Whoever is adopting Jess can get the paperwork started. I don’t want there ever to be an issue of who should be making decisions for her. Maybe she can be adopted by the time we get married?”

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