The Baxters: Rayne by L. Ann Marie

We’ve gotten to where her hands are all over me but she’s grinding into me and moaning in my mouth and I’m going to lose the tight rein I have on my control if I don’t stop this now. “Babe. We need to get to dinner, I’m not going to be able to do that if we don’t stop.” I lick down from her mouth to her chin and nip it. She moans again. Fuck. I hold her back and sit up feeling the pull in my back. “Carolina, I love that you’re going farther.” I kiss her chin where I nipped. “We have some things to talk about. Before I take your beautiful body, you need to be ready in here.” I tap her head. She looks confused. “When I take you, I will be the only one in your head. There won’t be any doubt that it’s me, my hands stroking you, my mouth tasting you.”
Her mouth opens and I feel her breath on my lips. “Yes.”
“Oh, my little Lina, you will say yes. When I bind your hands and this delectable body for my pleasure you will say yes and I will worship every bit of you.” She leans back and I see it. That fear that she tries to keep buried pokes its head out. “That’s not today, Carolina, we’ll get there but it’s not today. There’ll be no doubt that my hands will be on you for pleasure only. There will be no doubt that it is me controlling that pleasure. We’ll get there and when we do it will be in complete trust that I take you. I’m a selfish man and won’t do that until there is no one but me in this beautiful head of yours. I want it all, Carolina, and I want you to give it to me freely. No doubt, babe.”
She’s watching me and I can see her get all I said. She nods and I take her mouth. She opens immediately and my tongue strokes hers getting another moan. Cupping her neck, I pull her in tighter then release her. I lick right across her lips and nip at the edge. She moans. Fuck yeah. With one last kiss, I loosen my hold knowing I’m closer to what I want. “We need to get you ready for dinner. Kevin and Cloud will be with us and BS will be covering us. The Senator will be dining with some business men and a lobbyist.” I watch that fear show in her eyes again. “I’ll be by your side the whole time.”
She nods and I stand her up. “I can do this. I don’t have to talk to him, I’m just showing him I am alive and I’m not taking his shit anymore.” She gets that attitude that I love showing and I kiss her lips.

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