The Baxters: Jake by L. Ann Marie

“How the fuck did you get all this loaded and over here so quick?”
He laughs. “While Kevin went for the chopper Bob had some MC help me load out the back door. I left through the alley while you went toward the water.”
“Fuck, what the hell did she buy?”
“Bob says they do a whole wardrobe and you should feel lucky Kate can’t come over because of the after party. There’s drinking involved and they take all the woman’s clothes and lecture you about what panties can be ripped.” He thinks this is hysterical. “Bob said he walked away. He still doesn’t know which ones are okay because Amanda is never happy about him ripping them.”
“Fuck, some are okay to rip, though?” I wonder which ones.
“Apparently, the women even lecture the guys about it.” He’s serious now, probably realizing this would be good information to have.
We get the SUV unloaded and I help Samantha get the clothes put away. I dump the panties and bras on the bed while she clears the drawers. I put them together and pull her over. ‘Which ones can I rip?’
She looks at the bed then at me. Maybe I said it wrong. I spell it and she nods.
‘I understood what you said, but don’t understand why you want to rip my panties. I haven’t even worn them.’
I roll my eyes. ‘I don’t want to rip them now. I want to know which ones I can rip and which ones you’ll lose your shit over.’
‘Did you do this with other women?’
‘Of course not. The women lecture the men so we know what we can rip. I want to know so you don’t get pissed.’ I know I’m signing it right, but she doesn’t get it. Maybe the older women do the lectures. Shit.
She looks at the piles again. ‘I don’t know what to say. Maybe that’s why they made me get so many. They didn’t tell me. You’ve only ripped one pair and I have a lot here. Do you rip panties often?’
What? I don’t think this conversation should be going there. Shit. ‘Well, I guess it depends on how bad I want what’s in them and how long I’m willing to wait for it. Take these, for instance.’ I pick up a lacy thong. ‘These may cause me to want your pretty pussy fast. There would be no time for anything but tearing them off.’ Her eyes get big and she’s starting to breathe fast. I’m fascinated with how she’s reacting, so I keep going. Lifting a lace strap with little triangles, I hold it up. ‘I may have more patience with these. They look like slow seductive kind of panties. If there was a matching bra I think that would be sexy as hell and might want to take my time exploring just how they cover what I want.’ She moves stuff around and hands me a matching bra, then digs into the pile again. Fuck! ‘Oh, I’d definitely want to explore every inch of your pretty ass and pussy if I see stockings clipped to this. Do you wear stockings, Samantha?’
She’s watching me closely. Breathing heavy, she finally nods. ‘If I’m going out, yes, I don’t like pantyhose. They never fit right.’

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