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The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss by Ken Flett

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you lost weight only to gain it back again? Have you relied on will power to battle food cravings, only to fail time and time again? Do you blame genetics for your inability to maintain a healthy body weight? If so, you’re not alone. North America is currently gripped by an obesity epidemic. The food industry spends billions of dollars annually to convince us to eat more. Then we spend billions on the weight loss industry to lose weight.
Neither will power nor genetics are enough to produce lasting change. The key to weight loss
and maintenance is more fundamental, existing at the level of basic human nature. A change in nature is paramount, as a change in nature makes difficult things, easy. Stop thinking in terms of you mustering your will power to overcome your struggles. Start thinking in terms of having less struggles to begin with. That, unlocks the shackles. That’s freedom. That’s refreshing genuine liberty.
And that’s what I’m offering.
Simply implement the 2 keys to modify your nature, and shed the weight that has been dragging you down..

Based on the conclusions from 2047 survey participants, and written as a result of 7 years of study, The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss offers the tools for permanent change, to those struggling to maintain a healthy weight.