Something’s Gotta Give by Maggie Adams

He looked so incredibly handsome in the morning light. The stuff of dreams and fantasies. Georgia bit back a sigh of feminine appreciation. But she had always been a practical girl. And dream lovers fade away in the morning light. Handsome men don’t fall forever in love with girls like her. And psycho killers lurk in the shadows.
“Forget the damn note, Peaches. I want you to tell me to my face why you don’t believe there’s a future for us. You wanted me as badly as I wanted you last night, and I know that was pretty fucking bad. When we made love, I know it was as satisfying for you as it was for me. I was inside you, remember?”
Georgia flinched at Chance’s plain speaking, and his words were filled with pain. The pain that she had caused.
“Perhaps you need another demonstration.” He started toward her.
Georgia came alive. “No! Don’t touch me!” She twisted away from him and flew around the tree. Peeking at him from around the fat branch, she said accusingly, “What’s the matter, Chance? Am I the only woman to break it off first?”
“Georgia! What the hell are you talking about?” Chance had no idea what had changed since last night. “I love you.”
“You say that now, but I can’t believe it. If I let you, you will trample across my heart just like my father did to my mother. I’m not going to let you get that far.”
Chance took in her wide-eyed face and the panic in her voice. Missy Dee had filled him in on her parent’s relationship, and Georgia’s feelings on the matter, but he hadn’t really listened. And now he didn’t know what to do. How do you fight damn ghosts?
“Georgia, honey, you’re overreacting. What happened to your parents was unfortunate, but it doesn’t apply to us. We love each other.” Chance tried to placate her.
“My mother told me how my father would say that he loved her right before he left to be with one of his other women. You can’t trust a man. You can’t give him your heart,” she cried out.
“We are not your parents! We have the choices here,” he roared as he advanced on her. “We chose to make love last night. Me and you. And there were no goddamn ghost lurking around trying to screw it up.”
He stopped for a moment trying to find a way to reason with her. “What we felt last night was not sex, Georgia. We made love. Love manifested in the physical sense. It was precious, sweetheart.

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