New Adult · Romance · Young Adult

On The Plus Side by Sabrina Morgan

Annabeth (Anna) is a curvy 18 year old high school senior who moved from California to Last Fall, Michigan after her parents death in a car accident. She just wants a boring mundane senior experience, but she gets the opposite after running into Lucas Ryder (Luke).

Luke is considered bad news; rumors always flying around that he is in a gang and dangerous, the thing about rumors is that though exaggerated they do have an ounce of truth. Luke does work for Frank to do some semi-illegal stuff and he does have his close friends who are with him during it all. The one thing the rumors don’t seem to know is why?

Anna and Luke seem to gravitate to each other even when they don’t want to. What starts as typical high school drama from a bully named Christy, parties, and feelings unsaid; soon twists into something more devastating.

What Anna hasn’t told anyone is that she has been getting anonymous notes from someone.

What started off as harmless soon transforms into something Anna would never have imagined.

Through all the ups and downs can love win?


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