Paranormal · Romance

Moon Sworn by JF Holland

“Ouch, you pig. What did you do that for?”
“See, not unconscious somewhere. You were born for me, you belong to me, and this mark proves it.” She shook her head, and he took hold of her face; holding her head still between his large palms, giving her no choice, but to look at him.
“You were born for me,” he reiterated. “Think back Maya;” he heard her sputter, eyes lifting to his in confusion. “Yes I know your name too,” his top lip lifted in a parody of a smile, really just a cynical little twist of his lips. He was still a little peeved that she had just plucked his name out of his own head, whereas he had had to ask someone hers. “You’ve been listening to my voice for years; did you not think that strange?”
“Well duh. I just thought I was losing my fucking mind, I thought you were a figment of my imagination. Seriously, who hears voices in their head, come on who?”
“Mates do, that’s who, and you are that for me.”
“You’re delusional, and I don’t believe any of this.”

Wrenching her face from his hands, she took off before he realised her intentions.
Maya was on complete panic mode. Wrenching out of his grasp she ran blindly, no clue on which way to go, then realised she was close to her own back garden.
Pushing the back gate open, she dodged inside, slamming it shut behind her. Then slapped the bolt home for good measure, before leaning back against it. She was out of breath and breathing hard, as the air sawed in and out of her abused lungs. She closed her eyes when she heard a thump and a curse from behind her, smiling as he swore viciously. He had some truly inventive words, some she had never before heard, and shook her head as she began to move towards the safety of her house. She had just gotten near the back door, when a noise behind her, caught her attention. Turning, she was in time to see Jaden clear her six-foot fence, landing in her garden, in a crouch. Her mouth dropped open in shock.
“I’m truly not impressed with this game Maya,” Jaden hissed, standing in one lithe movement. He began moving towards her, and she turned tail and ran the last few feet to her back door.
“I told you not to run,” he hissed. “I warned you that you wouldn’t like the consequences,” he ground out. Just as she got the door open, she found herself pushed inside, and the door slammed shut. Locking them both in her now tiny, dark kitchen.

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