MC: Knight by L. Ann Marie

Finally, we can move. I need a fuckin’ drink. I pull Jess over to the bar the caterer set up on the beach, getting a drink in her hand and a beer in mine. Tiny walks up and pulls Jess away from me, turning her to look at her ass. If I didn’t know better I would have fuckin’ punched him. I just smile. “You tryin’ out for superwoman, sweet thing?”
My girl smiles. “I blew the audition, Tiny. I’m going to have to take the Bakery job.” He throws his head back and barks out a laugh. Everyone freezes.
He pulls Jess into a hug. “Proud of ya, Jess. Bet he’s honored you claimed him.” She looks at me with the biggest fuckin’ smile.
“You know I am.” I smile back at her. I look at Tiny. “Get your fuckin’ hands off my wife.” He laughs a-fuckin’-gain. Hands raised in surrender, he steps back. Jess moves to my side, picking her drink back up.
“Nice, Auntie Jess,” Rich says from behind her. “Did that hurt?”
“Of course, it fuckin’ hurt. It’s small, but look at all that detail. The wings look 3D and she had some coloring put in. That’s hours of fuckin’ pain.” Fuckin’ Tiny’s voice is booming at Rich. Everyone freezes. Jess pulls Rich into a hug. The poor kid. Tiny looks around. “What the fuck? I watched Scared Straight. I know how to keep the kid from inkin’ his fuckin’ body with kid shit he’ll regret.” I can’t help but laugh. Jess is laughing into Rich’s shoulder. Rich finally smiles, looking at me.
Ben comes over, slapping Tiny on the back. “Good job, Brother.” He fuckin’ smiles at me, making me laugh harder. He takes Jess’ hand and turns her. “Nice ink. Tracy know who this is?” Jess nods. “Think we have a new artist.” He looks at me. Fuckin’ Pres always thinking.

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