Malt Me by DL Gallie

As I stand on the mez zanine level leaning on the timber railing with my foot resting on the wire cable I look down and realize that we did it; we actually did it. Our dream of opening a brewpub has actually come true. I never imagined the path to get to this point would have been as rocky as it was, but despite it all, here we are. Malt Me is now officially open and it’s currently full, yes full. The beer is flowing, the kitchen is pumping out orders, and it seems like everyone is having a blast. You cannot wipe the smile off my face; I’m glowing with pride and achievement.

Looking towards Jordan my heart flutters, just like it did all those years ago when we first met. I can see that he is just as happy as I am. He looks up at me and smiles. After all these years, his smile still makes me weak at the knees. He takes the checker plate stairs that wind along the side of the room, two at a time. He saunters over and wraps his tanned muscular arms around me, lifting me up into a hug, spinning us around whispering, “We did it, Kenz, we really did it.” Lowering me down, he places the softest kiss on my lips that quickly turns heated.

I step back, gently pushing him in the chest, “STOP! We have to be professional.” He pouts, so I place a quick kiss on his lips and whisper into his ear, “Later, I promise to make all your dreams come true.” I wink as I pull back.

“Kenz, all my dreams have come true. I have the girl of my dreams in my arms and we are standing in OUR brewpub.”

He bends down for another kiss and from below I hear Mike yell, “Get a room, you two!”

“Fu…whatever, Mike, if I wanna kiss my missus, I’ll kiss my missus.” Turning his attention back to me, Jordan says, “Come on, baby, lets go play boss and mingle”

“I’ll be down in a sec, I just wanna stay here for a moment and take it all in. I still can’t believe we did it, Jor. There was so much in our way and at times, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this and then Clint happened.” He goes to interrupt me, but I put my finger on his lips to stop him. “I’m not dwelling on that, Jor, but it happened. It’s a part of who we are and a major part of this journey. I just want to enjoy this moment, cause I’m still amazed that we did it. Now, go and have a beer to celebrate and tell Mike to behave. I’ll be down in a sec to celebrate with you, promise.”

Jordan leans down, gives me a quick peck on the cheek and says, “Don’t be too long, Kenz.” He winks at me and walks away. His wink still sends shockwaves to my girly parts.

When he gets to the top of the stairs, he looks over his shoulder and says, “I love you, Kenz, and I promise to look after you and our beers forever.”

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