Leather and Lace by Maggie Adams

Angel threw her arms up in exasperation. “Oh that’s just great. Just swell, dandy, fine. I try to save your miserable ass and you’re accusing me of being unfaithful. Well, of course you would. You can’t trust me, remember? I turned against you once, right? So therefore, I’ll do it again, right?” she screamed at him as tears ran down her face. It was just too much! She couldn’t stand his mistrust anymore.
“I had everything under control. There was no need for your ‘help’ as you call it,” he growled at her. He kept seeing the lecherous looks of those men and the hands reaching out to touch those perfect breasts. She was his, dammit! No one touched his Angel.
“Oh yeah, right. I can tell you had everything well in hand. You were locked up, beaten up, and completely outnumbered. Oh, and the FBI was considering you an accomplice in the whole mess. They didn’t care if you were dead or alive. Yeah, you had them shakin’ in their shoes, all right.” She’s wiped her tears. “I was sick and scared for you, yet you’re so stupid you have the audacity to question my loyalty to you.”
Sam took a deep breath and forced himself to think clearly. He tried to put himself in her shoes. He would have done anything to save her if she’d been in trouble. He could tell from her tears she was badly shaken up at the recent events. She had done what needed to be done, at least to her way of thinking, with courage and loyalty. She had gone through the fires of hell for him. So why couldn’t he trust her?

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