Humor · Suspense

Leap of Faith by ML Rodriguez

“You having fun, baby?” He whispers in my ear and I feel chills go down my body. His normal voice is so smooth, so manly, so him. His whisper is all that and so much more, almost taking me over the edge. Oh, God!

“Mmmm hmmm,” I softly reply, turning and leaning my head back so he can hear me.

“That’s good. I just want you to relax and stay here in my arms. Keep dancing with me until you’re so tired you want to fall from exhaustion. I’ll be here to hold you and catch you, Faith. I’ll always be here for you, love.” He softly kisses my neck.

Oh, that feels so good.

He kisses me again and then takes my chin and gently turns my head to him. He brings his lips closer to me and kisses me. One soft kiss, then another, followed by more until I’m almost begging.

“Please . . .”

I somehow manage to turn my body to face him and we kiss. His lips take mine, I let him in and he explores my mouth. We get closer to each other, my arms around his neck, and his arms around me pulling me closer, like we want to become one.

We stop dancing and just kiss. This is the first time in so long that I have felt a man’s lips on mine. It feels different and yet so natural, so right.

We finally separate, both breathing hard. We look at each other and he places his forehead to mine. We remain like this, just taking each other in and breathing. We don’t separate. I don’t want to let him go and I don’t want him to let me go.

“This is what I’m talking about. This here . . . it needs to be explored. That one kiss was fuckin’ amazing and mind blowing. I’ve never felt that before. I like it and I want more of it. I knew it would be like this with you from the beginning; I felt a pull towards you. If we feel like this after one kiss, Faith, imagine how good it will feel when I have you in my bed. When I’m exploring every part of your body with my hands and my mouth. Imagine my fingers trailing down your body, my fingers playing with your nipples; teasing them, pulling them gently, rolling them between my fingers, driving you crazy. My lips on them, taking them in my mouth and sucking them, then biting them.”

His words are making me squirm and he notices. “You like that, huh?”