How to create a book teaser

Q: What is a book teaser?

A: An image overlaid with text.

Sounds simple, right? A teaser is not just any image, but an image that connects you with the book you are promoting in some way.

In order┬áto correctly create a teaser you’ll have to know more about the book. So the best person to create your teaser would be yourself, the author.

At the above session I guide you through techniques that helps you pin point their best three scenes in your book.

Then we work together on the text that goes with the scene, and amend it in a way that’s relevant and catchy from marketing point of view. And from thereon, we move on to the image.

By the end of the video you will have created three impactful teasers for one of your books, and you will leave with a knowledge you can apply to the creation of any future teasers for your books.