Heart’s Insanity: an Angel Fire Rock Romance by Ellie Masters

When Ash’s lips touched hers, he gave a cautious caress, nothing like Spencer’s rough and insistent demands. A smoldering heat replaced the chill from the outside air. His breath released, and she shuddered. Her eyes closed, and she leaned into him, returning his touch with a more hesitant glide of her lips against his.

His fingers swept down her jawline, trailed down her neck, and cupped the back of her head, tangling in the lengths of her hair. He supported her head and opened her lips with his warmth, letting her taste spiced coffee on his tongue. When he wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close, she placed a hand against his stomach, tracing the toned muscles underneath.
His fingers massaged through the layers of her clothing, strong and confident, and she luxuriated in his exploration, sure but not rushed like Spencer. Then, Ash disentangled his other hand from her hair and pulled back from the kiss.

For a moment, they were separated.

They stared at each other, their faces a breath apart. She had never experienced a more intimate moment, and she couldn’t help but compare this with the thousands of kisses she had shared with Spencer, so cold when contrasted with the desire this man stirred.

His expression softened, as if asking, Is this okay?

With her heart fluttering, she gave the briefest nod.

He walked the fingers of both hands down her back to settle above the rise of her ass. Then, he pulled her close again, kissing her deeply. His tongue tangled with hers, as if he were desperate to devour her. Masculine deep breaths surged from within him, punctuated by rumbling moans of desire in his throat.

She savored his ardor, his willingness to reveal his passion.

Ash transformed the kiss into an act of worship, more of a giving than a taking, whereas Spencer robbed the donation tray. She slid her hands around to Ash’s back and melted into the strength of his embrace. He didn’t hide his growing arousal, but neither did he force it. It was merely there, a potent presence of male virility, a symbol of what was happening between them.

And something most certainly was happening—not only with her, but with him as well. The long, hard length of him pressed against her belly, and an awakening pulsed between her legs.

His lips laid a blistering trail along her jawline, his stubble scratching the sensitive skin of her face. She giggled at the unfamiliar sensation.

Ash gripped her nape, angling her head, and intensified the kiss as he found her lips again. His mastery of the art of kissing sent an electrifying tingle running through her body. He released her then, his hooded eyes staring down, mesmerizing her with their incredible depths.

Was it possible that he’d enjoyed that half as much as she had?