Forever Lost by Laura Morgan

“So, what brings you to the States?” Leo asked, taking his first shot while Cassie watched him intently.
“The theater,” she replied. The smirk on his face made it obvious he assumed she was a failed actress. Cassie quickly corrected him. “My ex-husband is the actor. I was working the sets as a designer until last year, and I was pretty damn good at it too. I left when he and I split up. My choice,” she told him in a more determined tone, opening up more than she possibly should have. He seemed to draw out her honesty without even trying.
“And now you’re a whore,” Leo said coldly, standing just a couple of feet away from her, his body language tense and unreadable.
“If you say so,” she replied, not taking her eyes from his.
“What if I pay you ten million dollars right now to spend the night with me? Off the books, you’ll keep every cent.” Leo’s counter offer was mind-boggling, but Cassie shook her head.
“That’s incredibly generous of you, Mr. Solomon, but the answer is still no. Goodnight.” Cassie stepped away from his grip and his gaze. She made her way over to the doorway and began walking back the way they had come without another word, hoping he would let her leave. She got as far as the billiards room when powerful arms gripped her from behind Leo’s strong body pressed her into the wall. She remained calm, determined not to end up like all those other girls who had supposedly taken his money to stay quiet after he’d had his way with them.
“What will it take for you to be mine, Cassie?” Leo whispered in her ear. His voice was rough, his breath ragged and he sounded desperate for her to change her mind. She peered back over her shoulder at him, her breath quickening and her stomach twisted like a pretzel.
“Time, patience and trust. All the things I fear you do not possess, Mr. Solomon. I can never be yours just as you can never be mine,” she replied. She cried out with shock when he turned her around an instant later and kissed her lips so delicately it was as though he were an utterly different person. She had expected a harsh, deep kiss but this was something soft and passionate. Her hands found his stubbly cheeks and grabbed them as she kissed him back, their mouths locked on one another’s before he eventually pulled back. Leo peered into her face intently for a few seconds as though really taking her in, creating a lasting memory of her face in his mind.
“I’ll see you again soon, Cassie.” He stepped back to let her leave and she walked away quickly, heading toward the sounds of the party above.
“I don’t think so. Goodbye, Mr. Solomon.”

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