Christmas Magic by Cole Browning

Nicholas knew where his days went and the nights too, but that didn’t stop the double takes he often did at this time of year.  The days seemed to bouncing passed him at an alarming rate and he had still not located the one he thought to be the right one.  The ‘her’ in question had to he knew be special but he would not be drawn upon what would make her so, just that she would be special.  He also had the arrival of the Office Christmas party season which was a bane but he felt it had to be done.

He would set out with his bags in hand to a venue and then attire himself with all the padding required for the image that was Father Christmas to come alive.  He had tried doing this in shopping centres but whilst he loved kids he really couldn’t stomach them one by one all day.  Being jolly to each and every small child who all wanted the most expensive toys while their doting parents looked on safe in the knowledge that it wasn’t going to happen.

“Just once I would like to present them with a toy of their choice” he had mused.  That was why he did the office ones, although there were issues with doing these that made a small child a pleasure to behold.

‘Some may consider tipsy young ladies sat on your lap asking for a new super deluxe vibrator a bonus’ he thought but alas the who would escaped him.  Nicholas was sure there would be repercussions if he had reached into his bag and produced one.  He could see it now; the low light, the happy chatter of those in the queue.  She steps up, all legs and no brains, her dress hem being so high that he could tell you not only the colour of her knickers but whether she shaved or not.  She would giggle while pretending to be some innocent little girl, he would have to ask the obligatory questions;

“So young lady, what would you like for Christmas, and have you been Naughty or Nice?” She would then look at her friends; they wold all giggle and in a coy voice that everyone could hear she would reply

“Oh Santa I have been soooo naughty, I want a new” and the room would erupt in laughter.

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