Brooklyn Blues by R.E. Hargrave

Brooklyn removed her shift so she was bare, the way He liked her, and then put through a call to his Skype. Their initial greetings were done while she talked to a dark screen, and she confessed the gift.
“Sir, I received a present today.”
“Of course you did, bunny. I let you orgasm at work.”
Brooklyn could hear the humor in his tone and smiled. One day she hoped he would turn the camera on so she could put a face to the voice. She had turned the camera on for him, after all. Though, to his point, she kept refusing what he wanted in exchange. He was playing a game of will with her, and she was letting him win.
“Thank you for that again, Sir. However, that wasn’t what I was referring to.”
“Oh? Do explain then.”
“When I returned from completing your… task.” She coughed. “There was a small package on my desk. Red, with a blue bow.”
“That’s nice. ’Tis the season and all. Did you open it there or take it home to put under that teeny tree of yours?”
He kept giving her a hard time about the small tabletop tree she’d gotten, but she didn’t need anything bigger. With light laughter, Brooklyn told him what she’d found inside then read the note to him. His boisterous response surprised her. To be honest, Brooklyn had expected some level of jealousy or possessiveness to come out when He heard someone was leaving her sex toys. At work.
“Oh, how fun. Have you experienced Balls before, bunny?”
Still wearing the plug He’d insisted on today, she had a sinking feeling what was coming next, but she answered with honesty. “Not yet, Sir.” The sharp clap of His hands made her jump and she winced at the jarring sensation in her ass.
“Excellent. And god damn do I love when your tits bounce like that, bunny.”
His admission had her nipples drawing into tight knots. When the dirty talking started, she knew Sir was about to get playtime underway.
“I’ll let you know what you can do with your gift in a while. For now, I want you to get on the bed, on your hands and knees, and show me that pretty jeweled plug. You have your Love Honey, yes?”
She lifted the silky smooth, blue dildo off the desk and brought it into the camera’s view. “Yes, Sir,” she answered then got into position.
Under his direction, she first worked her pussy over with the toy and then removed the plug while he watched. Drizzling the dildo with lube, Brooklyn laid on her back, let her knees fall open, and inched the Love Honey into her anus a little at a time. He goaded her. He called her dirty names, and then he praised her confidence and willingness to perform for him. Soothing her psyche, as always, Sir thanked her before ending their call.
Brooklyn went to sleep that night physically satiated… for the time being.

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