Botched Proposal by Rose Silverstone

Serenity McAdams stood just outside the Pierson family home. Of course, she knew where it was and who lived here, for now. Judging by the for sale sign that was staked in the otherwise pristine lawn, it wouldn’t be theirs for much longer. The fact that they were selling their home shocked her.  The sell shouldn’t have been much of a surprise since the patriarch of the family wasn’t alive to share it with his lovely wife anymore. Mrs. Pierson must be losing her mind living in such a large home on her own. As far as Serenity knew, this was the first time that the family had gathered since Poppa Pierson’s death.

“What am I doing here? I shouldn’t have come. This isn’t the place or the time.”

She spoke the words to herself, but her doubting statement was responded to by the very woman that had insisted Serenity make her way to the house today: Ella Pierson.

The eldest sister, but not eldest sibling of the Pierson clan looked just as stunningly gorgeous as she had when they were college roommates. Her honey blonde hair soaked up the sun and reflected it right back. The woman had assets and curves that would make a supermodel envious. As it was, Serenity did envy her. Ella had a trim waist, great figure, and a to-die-for wardrobe going for her.

Serenity pulled her collar up a bit to protect her neck from the wind. She could feel the big curls of her coal black hair being tousled as she debated. The state of her hair was something to be ignored given her mental state.

Besides, windswept hair was attractive. Right?

Just who was she trying to attract? That time had passed and she needed to get beyond those feelings, thoughts, and the time with him. Even though looking at the way Ella’s cute little coat synched at her waist made her green in the face and spirit, she’d need to get over it all, including that.

It didn’t matter that she’d only begun to gain a little weight last month. It was a necessary weight, considering.

“What do you mean?”

What do I mean?

Well, you don’t know this, friend, but while you were off jet-setting to some exotic land your brother and I were doing the pelvic dance of lovers. We also dated for a bit to the point of being pretty damn serious then the bastard broke my heart. Only to come find me a few months ago and rekindle a spark he immediately doused three nights later. After the most spectacular weekend I have ever had in my life and in my bedroom. Now … HA … now, I’M PREGNANT!

“That’ll go over well,” she muttered to herself.

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