Blue Christmas by JF Holland

Sighing, Lorie couldn’t look at him as she spoke up, while still wiping the now dry table.
“I told you I wasn’t experienced,” she looked up and waited for him to nod. “Okay, what I didn’t tell you is I’ve only had sex a handful of times in my life.” Dane’s mouth opened and closed a couple of times, and then he frowned.
“But… you were married, you have a son.”
“Yeah, yeah, not everything is black and white,” she mumbled letting go of the cloth that she’d been fisting.
“But you were married, how is that even possible?” His eyes swept down over her body, making her blush again.
“I’m not stupid. I know plug ‘A’, goes into slot ‘B’, I know that. I know the mechanics; I’m just having a few issues with how people feel.”
“Yes, you know. Like what an orgasm actually feels like? What it feels like when someone touches you intimately, or snogs your face off. You know basic stuff,” she shrugged. Dane spluttered and looked her up and down again, making Lorie’s eyes slit.
“I can see your mind ticking over time there, buddy,” she said, wagging a finger at him. “No, I don’t have an extra nipple, or some disfiguring mark or anything. I just had an unusual upbringing, and marriage.” It was Dane’s turn to blush now, as she suddenly looked straight at him, catching him ogling her chest. Then she sighed again, her shoulders slumping, deflating before him.
“Have you spoken to Dara about this?”
“Hello, have you tried talking to your sister? Her idea on most things is to get laid,” she scowled.
“My twin sister told you to get laid?”
Lorie took a sip of her tea, and snorted, quickly swallowing, her eyes became earnest.
“Do you know where she was taking me, when we picked you up?” Dane frowned, but then his face cleared.
“Shopping, I believe.” Lorie snorted again, before she shuddered.
“Dara knows how much I hate shopping. I mean it’s right up there with getting a bikini wax. So not on the list of things I want to do.” His eyebrows rose into his hairline at this, making her grin. “Your sister. Sorry, twin sister’s idea was to take me out, buy me lingerie and then get me to fashion it. She said that if I felt good under my clothes, then maybe it would give me the confidence to start dating.”
“Dara wanted you, to show her how you look in your underwear?”
“No. Dara wanted me to wear new undies, and then have sex with each man that took me on a date.” Dane’s eyebrows had just settled back on his forehead, but they now shot up again. “She also said I would then be able to come home and write about it. Saying that if I spiced up my own sex life, then maybe I would learn how to spice up my characters.”
Dane looked at Lorie and blinked, speechless. Running his hands over his face, he then dropped them onto the table.

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