Erotica · Romance

Blue Christmas by JF Holland

Picking Lorie up again, Dane walked into the large enclosure with her, shutting the door behind them, as he stepped below the warm, cascading water. Lorie jumped and tried to move out from under the spray, making him loose his hold. It probably stung due to her being so cold. So, tightening his arms around her, he pulled her closer to his body, and held her still. Dane then had to grind his teeth because, oh hello, little head was wide-awake. It was presently stood to attention and waving around. Needy little bastard could damn well stay locked in his boxers. Having Lorie’s cold, soft skin against his own wasn’t helping matters, not that it was her fault. Nope, that was all on him. He’d been the one to strip them both out of their cold, wet clothes… Groaning at the thought he squeezed his eyes tightly closed, as the mental snapshot of Lorie in nothing but her underwear, jumped into his mind.
“Not going there,” he mumbled, then “oomph,” as she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and began trying to climb his body. Wrapping her legs around him for good measure.
“Lorie, you need to loosen up your hold. I know it hurts but you need warming up honey. Come on loosen your grip,” Dane cajoled, trying to peel her from him, but her arms and legs just tightened further. Giving up, he sighed, dropping his forehead to the top of her head, presently tucked beneath his chin.
“C…c…cold,” she stuttered out, between chattering teeth. “M… ma… ake… m… me… w… ar… arm… D… Da…ne, please.” Lorie pleaded, trying to steal his body heat by climbing inside him. Her limbs felt like blocks of ice and her joints begin aching.
“I’m trying honey. Now hold tight, okay,” Dane soothed, rubbing his cheek across the top of her head.
Taking a breath, he stepped directly below the cascading water, taking a better hold of Lorie around her back with one hand, as he altered the angle of the shower-head. With the water now beating down on them, he leaned her against the wall. His body pinning hers in place, to free up his hands. Not that she was going anywhere, not with the death grip she presently had on him.
So not helping, he sighed as this new position pushed his cock directly against where he most wanted to be. This was going to hell quickly, and he was only holding on by a thread. Especially, when all he wanted to do was move her underwear to one side, slide into her and gain some relief.
To take his mind off what was running through his head, he decided washing her would be a good idea. The action would keep him busy, and get her circulation going. Luckily, he didn’t have to touch her with his hands for that, he could use a sponge or something, but looking around he began sweating.
No sponge, shit, closing his eyes, Dane prayed for strength; and possibly impotence. Squirting some shower gel into his hand, he began lathering Lorie’s body.
He tried to ignore how her skin felt beneath his fingertips, as he soaped up her sides. Roughly running over her, as he tried to warm and soothe her at the same time.

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