Erotica · Romance · Suspense

Milli by Alexandra Iff

(in an airplane)“Your fear of flying is unreasonable.”My heartbeat is drumming like crazy and all I want is some peace in my head. Everything is fusing together, it’s deafening.“What are you going to do about it?” I yell.The machines make a loud whirling sound, and the plane start driving forward, accelerating faster and faster. The… Continue reading Milli by Alexandra Iff

Erotica · Romance

More Than Just a Pair of Pumps by Alexandra Iff

Gutsy and stubborn 24 year old Trinity Parker is more than thrilled when she lands a job in a top New York fashion store, crunching numbers in the back office. As luck would have it, it’s on her first day there that she ends up heroically foiling a robbery. Or so she thinks. The man… Continue reading More Than Just a Pair of Pumps by Alexandra Iff

Suspense · Thriller

JK’s Code (Brooks/Lotello Thriller Book 4) by Ronals S. Barak

Book Synopsis: “Twenty year old computer genius Jake Klein, known to his friends as JK, drops out of college to pursue fortune and fame in the field of cybersecurity. Discovering and upending a conspiracy between the presidents of Russia and America to manipulate the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, JK finds himself in… Continue reading JK’s Code (Brooks/Lotello Thriller Book 4) by Ronals S. Barak

African-American Literature

“Hollywood House” by Mike James

Chapter 1(Moving Day) “My first impression of Keyon was that he seemedto be pretty cool. Looked like the type that was able to get along with. I thought to myself, “If we were going to beschoolmates, I might as well get acquainted with him.” Uniondale was your typical suburban hamlet onLong Island in the state… Continue reading “Hollywood House” by Mike James

Non Fiction

A Preview of First Year Calculus by Ms. Jennifer Bailey-Salice

This workbook is geared toward helping students prepare to take AP Calculus AB. Written by Ms. Bailey-Salice who has taught math (including four different levels of Calculus) for over 20 years. This book seeks to lay the groundwork for understanding Calculus – putting students in a position of confidence and calm.

Mind Body Spirit · Self Help

Water Your Goal To Success by S.R.Lore

Setting goals has never been easy, especially, when the path is not clear cut. It has never been more important to teach this to young adults before leaving the educational system as now, in a fast-changing economy where no conventional job is safe. It is equally imperative for those already in the job market to… Continue reading Water Your Goal To Success by S.R.Lore

Family Life · Humor

The Fool by Andrew Leake

What is the point of it all? I mean really? Why are we alive? The Coronavirus has halted life to a stop and I’m worrying about how I’m going to feed my imaginary family. A great man once said ‘Here, have this one on me.’ Have you ever stopped and looked around at the destruction… Continue reading The Fool by Andrew Leake

Self Help

Can’t Stop Dating: 52 Indoor & Outdoor Date Ideas with Ideal Conversations Sparklers by Lydia Gan

Qualities of good lover Often, people would associate a desirable partner as someone young, pretty and well-endowed. Based on my years of relationship coaching and matchmaking, I find that physical attractiveness has little to do with keeping the long term relationship alive. After asking many happy couples on the essentials required to keep their lengthy… Continue reading Can’t Stop Dating: 52 Indoor & Outdoor Date Ideas with Ideal Conversations Sparklers by Lydia Gan

True Stories

Getting Out by Greg Siofer

Chapter 1 The Beginning of My Journey Passing cars and seeing stars out the window, the cool night air blew in through the open windows as I hurried home. My wife (at the time) and I had some friends that were getting married soon, and we had invited them over for supper. I had not… Continue reading Getting Out by Greg Siofer