Advent Calendar for Readers

Advent Calendar for Readers – December 27th

Book Snippets Blog is happy to promote books from new authors, and this month it comes with its ever so popular Advent Calendar, a place where you can read a new entry every day, and meet new authors in your favourite genre:

“After losing seven of the souls she was closest to within a two-year time period, the author found this part of her journey with grief to be such a lonely walk. Yet at the same time, she saw miracles start to happen when she first asked her mother to visit as a cardinal. Soon after the first visit, poems came to her through spirit. After sharing these poems, she found so many people had such beautiful and amazing stories of their loved ones coming to visit at the exact moment they needed them, or in a moment they knew their loved ones were cheering them on. All came through other angels in flight, such as the bluejay, butterfly, hummingbird, dragonfly, seagull, waterbird, etc. They also appeared as angel signs such as feathers, coins, songs from their past and other amazing synchronicities. Turning her pain into purpose, this became a passion and mission for her to help others grieving. These amazing true stories will be sure to bring you peace, love and connection. Love truly never dies. There are indeed signs from our loved ones everywhere.”