Advent Calendar for Readers

Advent Calendar for Readers – December 26th

Book Snippets Blog is happy to promote books from new authors, and this month it comes with its ever so popular Advent Calendar, a place where you can read a new entry every day, and meet new authors in your favourite genre:

Tyson Shinkle, Creek Valley’s infamous playboy.

He’s easy on the eyes, but even his friends warned me away from him. But did I listen? Nope.

Like many others that came before me, I fell under his charms. More than once. Totally broke his “one night” rule.
And then again.
And another time after that.
And where did it get me?

Knocked up.

I’m in no way prepared to have a baby nor do I have the first clue how to tell the man he’s going to be a father.

To complicate matters, he doesn’t live in Creek Valley. Heck, he doesn’t even like Creek Valley. He’s certainly not going to keep coming back for me or a baby. Once a player, always a player, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Who knew I was wrong?