Advent Calendar for Readers

Advent Calendar for Readers – December 21st

Book Snippets Blog is happy to promote books from new authors, and this month it comes with its ever so popular Advent Calendar, a place where you can read a new entry every day, and meet new authors in your favourite genre:

One night turns into two weeks when their worlds unexpectedly collide.

Cecily Devereaux knows better than anyone that being the daughter of a billionaire can make it hard to trust people. Every relationship she’s ever been in turned out to be nothing more than an attempt to get her father’s money, and after a failed engagement, she vows to stay away from commitment. Shifting her focus to enjoying herself, she finds satisfaction in one night stands, defying her father’s demands, and spending time in her adopted hometown of Lakeside, Montana. Cecily doesn’t need anything else. Until Lincoln Dunn strolls into her life.

With no business to run, no woman in his life, and nothing tying him down, Lincoln Dunn is at a crossroads. He’s free to do whatever he wants in New York City and that is exactly what he is doing. Uninterested in relationships, he runs through women with no regrets. Tourist Cecily Devereaux is just supposed to be one of those women … until he comes to Lakeside and finds her again.

In the third installment to the Lovers of Lakeside series, two complicated people who aren’t looking for love fall into a sexy, steamy relationship. When feelings neither of them want to face come to the surface, which one of them will admit their feelings first?