Advent Calendar for Readers

Advent Calendar for Readers – December 16th

Book Snippets Blog is happy to promote books from new authors, and this month it comes with its ever so popular Advent Calendar, a place where you can read a new entry every day, and meet new authors in your favourite genre:

We all, at some point, feel stressed and anxious for various reasons. Some of these reasons are economic. At other times we have no idea where those negative emotions, feelings of emptiness or sadness come from. No solution you can find will quickly alleviate this. Although there may be external influences that cause this, an analysis of our behavior can find the roots of this problem in our behaviors.

Minimalist life is much more than the aesthetics that represent it. It is a way of living that moves away from consumerism, seeking objective criteria to make wise decisions about what life is and the value of everything. The 8 principles presented in this book offer a simple guide to integrate rational judgments into everyday life, while seeking reflection on what is important. The intention is to help the reader find a balance that allows them to have healthy personal finances while adding well-being to their lives.

A life where we pause and look at things from a minimalist perspective offers a healthy break from the daily grind and reduces stress. The 8 principles presented are not a magic formula. There is a recognition in them that the changes in behavior that they imply are not easy to achieve, and a gradual but consistent adoption is recommended. Likewise, it is observed, during the reading, that the results you are looking for, the adoption of these principles, is very well worth it in the short and long term.