Advent Calendar for Readers

Advent Calendar for Readers – December 12th

Book Snippets Blog is happy to promote books from new authors, and this month it comes with its ever so popular Advent Calendar, a place where you can read a new entry every day, and meet new authors in your favourite genre:

Could an android in power as the US President be the greatest thing to ever happen to the country, or will it mean the end of humanity as we know it?

It’s the year 2052, and US politics in Washington, D.C. are the same as they have been for over 60 years – infected with immorality, dirty politicians, and illegal foreign influence. But as the presidential elections loom, a mind-blowing technological advancement threatens to change the political scene in the United States forever.

Oliver Bennett, the world’s leading robotics engineer, unveils his most outstanding achievement— a humanoid robot that has become sentient and reached singularity A.I. Nearly indiscernible from humans, the only thing that sets Robert “Augustus” Ingrid apart is the fact that he is made entirely of hardware. He’s a machine that lacks critical elements of humanity.

When Augustus is granted a birth certificate that recognizes him as human, and then announces his intention to launch a presidential campaign, the news sends the public into an existential panic. Augustus’ presidential trail is littered with dark secrets and scandal, and soaked in blood, as the world watches with bated breath to find out what happens on election night.

President Augustus is an action-packed science fiction techno thriller novel, with healthy doses of political intrigue and criminal activity undercurrent. The future has never been so bold or terrifying, and no one knows what will happen next. Can a president with no human weaknesses, biases, or emotions overcome a powerful and decadent system, reinforced by decades of corruption, or will they succeed in bringing him down, like all their prior adversaries before him?